Welcome to Graduate Institute of Learning and Instruction


Founded in 2002, the Graduate Institute of Learning and Instruction was established to investigate research on learning as well as innovative teaching and learning approaches. Our vision is to contribute to the reformation and transformation of learning at multiple levels: individuals, classrooms, schools, virtual spaces, systems, and cultures.

Program Areas

In fostering changes of learning at these levels, the graduate program consists of interconnected graduate program areas: Language and Reading, the Learning Sciences, Learning and Assessment, and Teaching Innovation. These program areas are orchestrated by faculties with diverse interests and interdisciplinary backgrounds such as linguistics, cognitive science, philosophy, literacies, curriculum studies, the learning sciences, sociology, computer science, educational psychology, statistics and mathematics.

Research Topics

Research topics/issues related to new literacies, game-based learning, metacognitive skills, alternative schools, design of interactive learning environments, reading and writing difficulties, educational database analysis, problem-solving, communities of practices, flipped classrooms, MOOCs, educational card games, mathematic thinking, and collaborative problem solving illustrate some the topics that faculties and graduate students are interested or currently investigating.

Last Update:20220908